Bunch of Bananas!~

These lovely fruits I sculpted with Das clay and painted them once they dried. Finished off with a cheeky bit of gold paint to give them a tasty sparkle! No Lycan could resist these could they?


Lost in a Miniature World…

I haven’t posted anything for a while as when I have those windows of creativity I’m making something for the werewolf world. Just now whilst having a nice cup of tea I’ve cut out some silhouettes of trees and a house. Cool hey? Anyway, I aim to post at the end of each month until I finish my film. Hope you stayed tuned!:)

The Woolly Woods~

A close up of a Pom Pom tree. I sculpted the clay trunk, painted it brown, then finished with gold glitter paint on top.



…this book. By Sabine Baring-Gould, pre-1900s.


A Werewolf book!~

Inspiration >.<

Pom pomssss!~

I made these for the set. Crazy wool!:)


Cardboard trees!

Cut out mount board. Snarly branches:)